i was asked to design a poster for the words of future by it's graphic now
exhibition of pitti uomo 82 (a biannual men's trade show held in florence, italy).
a word for the future i've chosen is "reorient" for this project.
while thinking about choosing a world of the future and how i should visualize it,
i had an idea about graphic symbols for city brands because symbols of cities
mostly translate language of the future into visual symbols since they are trying to
express visions for better lives. the word i have chosen - reorient- is not directly about
visualizing the future but about observing how to show the future as my visual
methodology. in order to research the brands of korean cities, i visited their official
websites to see how they visualize graphics to convey the cities' vision, hope and future.
as a completed form, my work for this project not only show how cities represent
the future but how they reorient, creating a new context, as an abstract pattern
providing a taste of the future.

a short interview with pitti uomo 82

why did you choose this word?
designers always pursue something new, and people react to it. however, i think it is
almost impossible to make totally new things since the value of novelty results
from things that are familiar. even though style and trend follow newness.
they move in a cycle, and things returned and repeated are shown in different contexts,
keeping their own characters. reorient, the word i have chosen, means strategy
as a visual tool to explore familiar unfamiliarity.

could you explain the process you followed to visually translate it?
i collected graphic elements that stand for "the future" out of korean city brands
and reoriented them.

choose another word "of the future' and make a comment on it.
serendipity. an accidental thing produces something totally new that i did not expect.
Sometimes a good idea comes about by accident. so mistake and failure often
become strong stimulation. i am especially interested in discovering small accidents
that people may not notice.

does fashion design represent a stimulus for your work?
yes, it does. graphic design and fashion design share their experience.
while graphic works have been shown through flat media, clothes become media where
fashion designer show their work. i pay attention to the fact that works of
fashion design are more intimate with the individual compared to graphic works.
that is why i feel it is attractive. i would like to have the chance to work with
fashion designers as I wish to expand my experience by experimenting with various media.