connected-project #2

i was invited by jaemin lee to contribute a design for a poster
for a project titled ‘connected project’. the connected project
is one of a few events during graphic design festival breda to be
held at electron. this project has started as an experimental poster
connection about networking between graphic designers
and illustrators. such as the butterfly-effect for two months
one poster was being multiplied.
the concept of connected project:
in the 1960s, american mathematician edward lorenz described
what became known as the butterfly-effect in which he posited
that a minute change in the atmosphere set off a chain reaction.
starting out with the distribution of a simple poster, we hope to
cause a similar exponential reaction leading to a tornado
at the graphic design festival breda.

my connection: holy grey - saskia pouwels - jonmar van vlijmen -
floortje bouwkamp - sandra kassenaar - vanessa van dam -
min oh - jamin lee - hyoun youl joe
connected project #2
connected-project #2