more real than real

an experimental poster and installation exploring simulation and hyperreality. the replication of social reality in movies, tv, the internet and advertising campaigns is often so convincingly persuasive that we perceive it as actual reality. we generally believe that it is impossible for the replica to transcend the original, but the simulation of social reality is so realistic that it breaks down the logic of the boundary between real and simulation. as a result, there is no way to distinguish between real and replica. such simulations offer a convincing image of the world in which we live, where many of their most authentic-seeming parts are imitations based on representation. tv monitors, magazines and the internet serve as windows into a simulated world that try to capture our minds. frequent exposure to these windows causes people to perceive replication as reality. while visiting the swedish furniture company ikea, i was intrigued by how each showroom has its own theme such as an office, a bedroom and a kids’ room. these simulated spaces remind me of the images in ikea’s product catalogues where simulation and reality also coexist. in the catalogue, the images look real but aren’t. the showrooms are intended to make us feel that we are in a fictitious place, but the steel frame on the ceiling of rooms and the price tag disengage with that fiction. we are continuously bombarded with advertising through tv, the internet and print media, which we are involuntarily forced to receive. my poster explores how simulated images and spaces generated by the media are transmitted to us. in it, each silkscreened transparent board represents a “window” of media, illustrating how advertising simulates the world and manipulates reality.
poster, silkscreen print, transparent film, 18 x 24 inches /
installation, silkscreen print, cardboard,
11 x 14 inches