two theories, “melting pot” and “salad bowl”, are used to describe america in terms of its social and cultural aspects for anyone who comes to the united states.
“melting pot theory” means america is one large pot of soup and people from other countries assimilate to all american social systems. on the other hand, “salad bowl theory” is based on the idea that immigrants have different tastes that merge into one whole, but each element retains its original nature. the project focuses on how immigrants and international students communicate with each other in the context of different cultures and experiences. when i talked with these people, i was intrigued by how the inflections in their native language was audible when they spoke english.
in this project, the progression is driven by an individual’s reaction to a previous word. each successive individual reacts to the previous word with a term related to their culture and experience. through this work, i was able to talk about the person’s uncertain identity through their unique way of communication.
- book, digital print, 32 pages, 216 x 280 mm