the possibility of each-phoneme system of hanguel

research paper. 175x255mm. 86pp.
this thesis is a research paper about hanguel’s each-phoneme system, as approached from the visual perception point-of-view. when hanguel was first invented, it was structured using the phoneme-gathering approach and written vertically. however, hanguel started to shift horizontally for better ease in spelling and readability (as usability and functionality had became problematic issues). in the course of this phenomenon, ju shi kyung (who made an effort to popularize hanguel by insisting on writing hanguel horizontally and using the each-phoneme system) demonstrated the each-phoneme system for the first time. the each-phoneme system has better legibility and readability, as compared to the phoneme-gathering system, and it has the potential to express a diversity of typographic representations. in this thesis, i analyzed the problem of the phoneme-gathering system by addressing the relationship between hanguel’s phoneme combination and gestalt’s theory of visual perception.